We intend to build on ecological principles: ecological and/or recycled materials with a low carbon footprint, following permaculture principles and passive solar design.

We are investigating ways for houses to have their own energy sources such as passive solar design, solar water heating and PV panels; we also plan to generate our own power by means of several small wind turbines, if monitoring indicates a worthwhile wind resource. We will remain connected to the grid so we can sell surplus power and buy extra power during times of shortfall.

Common House

A community house is planned at a central location in the village, overlooking the village green and the central gully. This will be a venue for shared meals once or twice a week, workshops and the like, and will have a shared laundry, a kids’ room and a commercial kitchen in which food can be processed for sale. The community will control the design and construction, with a budget of $500,000 supplied by the developers from proceeds of lot sales.

We will share a common house with facilities such as kitchen and dining area for group meals, laundry, office, and guest accommodation. We have a farm shed and workshop already built, shared by the community.

We plan to use this common house also for training the public as well as ourselves, in the skills needed to build community: when we’ve got enough experience ourselves to have something to offer.

Other Shared buildings

Also jointly owned are a large farm shed and workshop (already built), and further from the main village area, an existing farmhouse and a two-storey double garage and loft. The farmhouse is currently used as temporary accommodation, but in the longer term it may provide office space, a visitor centre or space for teenagers.