Who are we looking for?

By putting a careful entry process in place we hope to attract people who share our vision for building intentional community, and have a strong sense of the importance of building relationships as well as working land.

Our entry process involves joining with some of our regular group meetings, workshops and working bees. Participating in these will give you a clear idea of what this community is doing, how we function, and what our aims are, as well as providing an opportunity for us to get to know each other.

According to Diana Leafe Christian, joining a community is similar to a combination of getting married and starting a business together. Both these require some getting to know: so the entry process covers both practical and financial matters, and building relationships. It is designed to minimise the possibility of conflicts that could develop later on, and protects both the current community and new people coming in.

A consensus process requires that we’re all ‘on the same page’. Our thorough entry process will ensure we are all wanting the same sort of thing from living in community.

Many people think a community will work if people are living side-by-side and sharing a couple of meals together every week. It’s not enough. We  want from both sides to be as sure as we can be that our people can operate together and build relationships in a constructive creative way. This takes some doing. We are looking for people willing to keep developing our communication abilities, over our lifetimes.