This section is about our third core principle, Pioneering a New Paradigm. We made it one of our core principles to remind ourselves that it helps when we clearly understand the culture shift we’re making. All of us who are making efforts to create a sustainable world are making this culture shift one way or another; we can do it more efficiently when we have a clear model. It’s not a simple matter: it’s the work of the rest of our lives to experiment with how we can do this in every aspect of our lives. We do one workshop every year, exploring a different aspect of this exciting work.

Culture Shift

Moving into community is a complete paradigm shift from the way we’ve been brought up. We are making thorough lifestyle changes, transitioning from the modern economic model of ‘progress’, profit and growth to a richer and more fulfilling way of life — one that is sustainable and in co-operation with nature. We hope to provide an example of how we can build a sustainable planet. How this comes about is a daily journey — a creative adventure.

It’s more than a few tweaks and adjustments. A fundamental shift of values and attitudes is at the base of creating a permaculture community. Most of us have begun to make this shift. Currently we have one foot in the old ways and one striding into the new. Anyone who is looking for a more sustainable way of life is using this kind of model. The more aware we are about the big picture, the clearer our progress will be.

Partnership Model

As our guide for culture shift, we use Riane Eisler’s formulation of the Partnership model. It’s clearly laid out, and gives guidelines for all aspects of life: from practicalities to relationships and spirituality.

This model describes a movement of which everyone has their own variation. We too are shaping it the way we’re living it here.

Eisler shows clearly the difference in values and attitudes between the present Dominator system, and the Partnership system, and what it looks like to live.

To operate consensus, we need to be all on the same page. This partnership model helps us do that, by helping us to be conscious about our principles.

Read more about our partnership model here.