Core Principles

Our community is founded on a set of shared Core Principles which every Full Member must subscribe to, and which guide our consensus decision-making.

[These are the guiding values and principles of the Society.]
Our core values are drawn from nature, in recognition that we are an inseparable part of nature:

  • Resilience: anticipating and designing ahead while staying open to new possibilities and understandings. Following permaculture principles.
  • Sustainability and a degree of self-reliance. Passing on a taonga (treasure) to future generations.
  • Deep connection, with respect and enjoyment. Raising awareness, valuing the subtle.
  • Feeling at home, with safety and serenity.
  • A partnership, as opposed to a dominator, model of life.

These aspirational values translate into principles for all aspects of Turanga Farm. We honour the process of working towards these principles, as a creative journey in itself:

Creating intentional community: We are actively developing the skills needed to build a mutually supportive and encouraging community. When community works, everything else follows. We are building a robust culture like an ecosystem: interconnected, with openness, honesty and deep understanding, and freedom to move in and out of public and private space. This can sustain joy and inspiration, and nurture individuality. To strengthen community relationships and value people’s skills, we encourage sharing and exchange. To have a full range of ages present, we are finding ways to make living here affordable to young people, and to allow people to have their work here. We treat children as people and include their input.

A sustainable environment: Land management will be modelled on natural ecosystems according to organic, permaculture principles, with substantial areas devoted to wild natural landscapes. We respect and care for all we look after, and treat everything as alive and connected. We intend to rely largely on produce from our farm as well as local exchange, and close the loop of resource use and reuse. Working together will help share the load, and there is room for individual enterprise. We hope to cooperate during building, and will use passive solar design and ecological materials. We’re working towards being carbon-neutral and self-sufficient in energy, using simple and economical technologies.

Pioneering a new paradigm: Recognising that our future is uncharted, and that discovering the way to live it will be a creative experiment, we are pioneering a system change based on life-sustaining values. These values are the core of resilience. Navigating our path together as a healthy, intact group is as important in this process as any particular goals we might strive for. By engaging in ongoing learning, we aspire to become a seed-bank of experience and knowledge for ourselves and others; we’ll gather and spread these seeds by partnering with wider communities around us through education, sharing and exchange.