Lake TaupoTuranga Farm is a forming intentional community and eco-village, on 145 acres of land in Whitford, east Auckland. Eighteen quarter-acre lots are clustered together, with a common house, the rest of the land held in common. We’re farming with permaculture design principles.

We are currently looking for families of all shapes and sizes who would like to share in making our vision come alive. We would particularly like to have families with children, as well as members with useful skills such as organic agriculture, building, beekeeping etc. We especially welcome people who would enjoy being involved in our ongoing explorations of how to deepen our relationship-building skills.

Timeline (where we’re up to)

We have virtually completed all our infrastructure: earthworks, access roads, wastewater facilities, power, phone lines and other items. We are also finalising legal documents. The first stages of a food forest are in the ground.

We expect to start selling lots in May 2014, after which house building can begin.

We have a strong core of people already. The group is still in its formative stage, and many details of the village and community are still being decided. Now is a wonderful time to join if you wish to be involved in the early shaping of the community.

Bee Ritual

Bee Ritual